Interview with Rob MacIntosh

Interview with Rob MacIntosh

Medeya Lemdiya: Can you introduce yourself in a few words to our readers?
Rob Macintosh: I’m Rob MacIntosh, a Professional artist since 1980. I have always loved drawing and after trying my hand as a commercial artist for a few years found my love in Painting. I always said if you love what you do you never have to work a day in your life. I love what I do, Paint.

Medeya:Do you practice painting as a hobby or as a professional?
Rob Macintosh: Started off as a hobby but my sales in art overtook my income in my business, to me that was a sign of doing what I love and making money from it, basically a living . So in 1980 I went professional.

A peace of Heaven

Medeya:Can you tell us more about the professional and/or artistic path that has made you and artist?
Rob Macintosh: Being an artist it has its ups and downs pretty much like anything in life. Bu the ups are all worth pursuing my career. At one time I was put in a box in my artist career. I was labelled a wildlife artist. It took lots of courage and determination to break out of that box. Im an artist that happens to paint wildlife. So today I can comfortably say and paint whatever I want. I love painting anything from Landscape, seascape, Urban landscape and wildlife. I'm never bored I love each new challenge and the diversity of each painting.

Blowing cold

Medeya: Why did you choose painting as your way of expression yourself rather than another one? What triggered it?
Rob Macintosh: Always loved drawing, my dad was a Sunday artist so to me this was the way to go. He guided me as to what colors to use and how to use the brush. I loved it.

Medeya: Do your life and its different stages have an influence on your art? In what way?
Rob Macintosh: My life has had many ups and downs, Ive lived a great life. I lived on a houseboat for two years, best time of my life. Lived in a log cabin in the mountains. Lived in South Africa and now settled in America which I call home. Ive loved every step of the way. Has this influenced my art? Hell yes it has. It has inspired me to paint different parts of the world so enjoyed the different landscape of each country and setting I lived in. I have always strived to improve but also have had the opportunity of seeing the world through the eyes of an artist and capture it all on canvas.

Chevy drive on Route 66

Medeya:How would you define your work? What do you say about your work to someone who has never seen your paintings?
Rob Macintosh: I'm a photorealist. I love to paint with detail and precision. I paint it as I see it make something real with illusion. I was not always a photorealist but always a fine artist.. Over the years I developed my style and fell right into being named a photorealist. Just the way I love to paint.

Coyote deadwood prowler

Medeya:You explore a variety of topics, the mountains, the desert, the sea or the architectural and urban landscapes ... What is your favorite subject?
Rob Macintosh: I pretty much love painting anything. Every new painting is a new challenge and I love that. the joy of being able to paint anything , going from one to the next is what I do best. I think Architectural is one of my favourite as I just love detail. Always look forward to my next project .. being whatever. Like a kid with a new toy.

Early start Beaufort West

Medeya:Can explain what it’s photorealism and hyperrealism and what differentiates them from other pictorial genre?
Rob Macintosh: Hyperrealism is a genre of painting resembling high resolution Photographs. whereas my photorealism is pretty much like a photograph but a lot of the brush strokes are an illusion making it look like a photograph. I never went to any form of training ever I just learnt from scratch. all self taught, so to me I paint photorealistic.

Medeya:What prompted your choice of subject, technique and style?
Rob Macintosh: Choice of subject.... I am lucky to have that choice, anything I want I can do it all. My technique and style I have developed over the past 33 years. Am at a point in my career where I do not want to change a thing,. Always try and improve and mostly be admired by my piers. That is always the best honour.

Junkyard Hobos

Medeya:In general, what has an influence on your art? (other painters, the cinema, music, literature...)
Rob Macintosh: My art over the years has obviously been influenced by other great artists. My very first mentor was an artist called Dino Paravano. He was 15 years my senior and we became very good friends. Still are. He has a very different style to me but I loved the light in his paintings and knew that is what I wanted to capture in my art. Once I developed my style of photrealism I looked up to more artists. My all time favourite photoreaist is called Richard Estes. Another artist which I think is great is Tony D' Amico. Absolute Masters in their field.

Precious cargo

Medeya:What is the starting point of a painting, the early stages of your work? (a sketch, an image, chance, pure imagination, a little of this, a little of that?)
Rob Macintosh: Starting point in my painting is a good photograph. then I sketch it out and most importantly a detailed drawing. To me a good drawing is a good foundation for a great painting...

Medeya:What painter from the past would you like to meet, and why?
Rob Macintosh: I would love to meet Tony D, Amico and Richard Estes. Sit down with them and watch them paint. One can never learn enough . To me that would be the highlight of my life.

Medeya:And contemporary painter?
Rob Macintosh: The contemporary artist that I admire I have met Dino Paravano. Still have sit down chats with him and all we talk about is art. love it.

Prescott Arizona

Medeya:Could you tell us about a painting you would like to see it your own ayes? Why this one in particular?
Rob Macintosh: Too many to mention just one. I guess I would love to visit France and go to the Louvre and enjoy all those amazing artist all in one place.

Medeya:According to you, when does a painter, a photographer, a musician... becomes an artist?
Rob Macintosh: If you love doing whatever you do, I think you can call yourself an artist. What makes it real is when you start selling your work and people start admiring your art and recognizing your name. then you know you are a true artist.

Sabino Canyon

Medeya:Can you tell us about the exhibition of another artist that has left a special mark on you?
Rob Macintosh: Way back in the 70"s in South Africa. Went to a one man show Art Exhibition held at a very exclusive gallery in Johannesburg. The artist Dino Paravano. People were lined up around the corner to get inside. Red stickers popping up everywhere one could say it was a sell out. The excitement and the vibe of the people made the show a thrilling experience. Something as a young artist I could only dream about. And so I did.

Sunset Seranade

Medeya:What is your most emotional memory of a personal exhibition, and why?
Rob Macintosh: Having a one man show in a gallery in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace. Super exciting, High rollers would come in an not flinch at a price. Many red stickers would go up. this was my time. And what a time it was. Just before closing time an crowd of people came into the gallery . It was the Sultan of Brunei. Within minutes he spent around $300,000.00 of which were a few of mine. Everything had to be packed and delivered to his house in Las Vegas within the hour as his jet was leaving for Brunei and the art was going with him. Will never forget that night or that show.

Medeya:Artistically speaking, is there a dream you haven’t fulfilled yet?
Rob Macintosh: Every year it is a new dream, being successful as an artist is the top of the list.

Weithering heights

Medeya:Tell us more about your current artistic occupations? What are your artistic projects?
Rob Macintosh: Being back in the States after living in South Africa for the past 11 years has changed my life a great deal. The USA is hectic but has so much to offer an artist to become great. There are competitions. art shows, Societies that offer shows never ending. One has to pick and choose otherwise one can go crazy. I am lucky to be in some very great galleries throughout the States. I am kept busy supplying them with work. In-between all that I get the odd commission. and then there are the Societies with their shows. So all in all I am a very busy artist but I love it. I love the pressure. Right now I am busy with a 6ft painting of a Mission for a gallery here in Tucson. when that is done it is a commission 40 x 60 for a client in South Arica. Next is the Society of Animal Artists show in August. There I have been a member for 25 years. Won my first merit award of Excellence with them. One very proud moment.

Yosemite winters day

Medeya:To give our readers a general idea of our artists, I like to ask our guests the « desert island » questions. If you were stranded on a desert island, what would you take with you?
* What book? A view good books.
* What film? I love, love stories, the romantic in me coming out.
* What music? Country music.
* What object? Guitar.
* Which one of your paintings? One I did of my houseboat to remind of the great time we had.

Medeya:What trip would you like to make that you haven’t yet?
Rob Macintosh: Cruise to Alaska would love to paint that landscape.

Medeya:When you were a child, what did you dream of becoming as an adult?
Rob Macintosh: Wanted to be a musician. My first love was playing the guitar. But art got the better of me.

Thank you very much Rob !
Find Rob MacIntosh on his Website and on his Facebook page.

Last modified: 07/11/2016