Terms Of Use and Sale

1. Acknowledgment and acceptance of the Terms and Conditions
The services offered by RankArt are provided to you under the terms and conditions of these Terms. By using the services, you agree to be bound by all of the Terms and Conditions listed here.
You certify you have read and understood all of the Terms and Conditions.
Connection to any of the services available on the website http://myrankart.com amounts to complete acceptance of these Terms.
RankArt holds all rights to amend part or all of the Terms and Conditions. It is the users's responsibility to keep updated on any change of the Terms and Conditions available here : http://myrankart.com/rankart.cgu
The user accepts the latest version every time he logs on the website. In case of violation of the Terms and Conditions, RankArt has all rights to ban the user from the service.

2. The Service: description.
RankArt is an online platform for the marketing and promotion of photographes and painters, both professional and non-professional. RankArt hosts monthly contests to grant awards to the best works.
The details of the services is available on the page http://www.myrankart.com/reglement

3. Creating an account. Identification. Proof. Use of information.
A login and a password ("Identification") are attributed to the user when an account is opened upon registration. This Identification will allow the user access to his profile. The user becomes a RankArt member.
Identification privacy
The login and password are private and personal. They can only be altered by the RankArt member or RankArt staff.
The member is the only one responsible for the use of his identification. He commits to keeping it secret and to not transmit it to anyone under any form.
If his identification is stolen or lost, the member is liable for any consequences and must immediately turn to the procedure to change his login and password, available on http://www.myrankart.com/identification

Agreement on proof.
Both parties agree that:
- The existence of an identification code identifies the author of the uploaded picture and establishes authenticity for this picture
- A digital document containing an identification code amouts to a written document signed by the person who produced it.

4. Personal Information.
RankArt may have to process personal information and has registered the website "RankArt" to the CNIL under  n° 1751609.
Collection of personal data does not allow to reveal ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs or trade-union membership and data concerning health or sex life.
Information about RankArt members is collected and processed in an honest and legal way for clear, precise and legitimate purposes, and will not be used subsequently in ways that are incompatible with those purposes under any form that allows identification. The data will be used only during the time necessary to achieve these purposes.
Personal data will not be processed by a subcontractor or someone under the authority of the person responsible for processing or of the subcontractor without direction from the person responsible for processing.
"Cookies" are used as part of the access to the user's profile in order to keep the session as identified member open. The user is aware of this and agrees with the use of cookies.
The RankArt member is informed by the present Terms and Conditions that the personal data marked as mandatory on the forms and collected within the parameters detailed in Art 2 of the Terms and Conditions is  necessary to the use of this service and will be only used for this service and are meant only for RankArt, which takes every necessary precaution to protect the data.
Members have a right of access and rectification of the data concerning them and can exercise it by sending a message through the page http://www.myrankart.com/contact

5. Disclaimer of warranties
Network Performance
The service is provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis. The specificity of the Internet does not allow RankArt to warranty continuity of the service. RankArt cannot be held responsible for any damage caused if any of the services provided on the website is temporary unavailable.

Website modification
Being highly interactive, all information on the website can be modified at any given moment without RankArt being held responsible.

Non-liability and user warranty
RankArt is not responsible for any damage or loss due to the use or the impossibility to use the website or its contents, except in specific cases provided for in french legislation.
You specifically agree that RankArt is not responsible for unauthorized transmissions, access to or alteration of your transmissions. RankArt cannot ensure perfect safety for the data transmitted via the internet. The user understands the risks inherent to the use of the internet. RankArt can only declare that they implement all available measures to ensure a safe use of the service.

Liability limitations
RankArt cannot be held liable for loss amounting to more than the price of the service.

6. User obligations in order to become a member
The user must, when uploading his first picture (JPEG or PNG), give all the administrative data required to identify and qualify him, for the purpose of opening an account.
To become a member, the user must type in a valid email address and a password.
To enter the contest, the user must be a member, must accept the Rules and the Terms and Conditions and pay the amount required to upload the pictures (depending on the number of uploads) via "stripe" (www.stripe.com) with a credit card or write a cheque to RankArt.
The contract binding RankArt and the user is only effective after full payment of the required service. Payment date is set when:
- Credit card: the day the payment is completed online
- Cheque: the date the cheque is received.
In general, RankArt members commit to:
- respect the laws and regulations and good professional practices he is subjected to.
- respect the laws and regulations concerning IT, files and freedom and to that end, to make any necesssary demand to the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés – CNIL (data protection act) or to any administrative authority that might replace it.
- not submit, copy, sell or make available by any means the information obtained from RankArt to any natural or legal person.

7. Financial terms
Cost of the service
The final cost depends on the package. Prices are available on this page:  http://www.myrankart.com/reglement
Prices can be altered because of changes in network, techniques and regulations.

Online payment is available with a credit card (CB, Visa, Eurocard/Mastercard) under the terms detailed on the subscription form. Cheques must be written to RankArt (payment by cheque is only available in France)
The contract binding RankArt and the user is only effective after full payment of the required service. Payment date is set when:
- Credit card: the day the payment is completed online
- Cheque: the date the cheque is received.
Service cannot begin before payment.

8. Image protection
RankArt members can upload pictures of their work to RankArt (photographs or paintings).
RankArt members acknowledge and accept that they only are liable for the pictures uploaded to the platform.
Consequently, they declare and guarantee that they are the creators of the pictures they upload to RankArt.
Upon entering the contest, members accept in their own interest that RankArt can publish pictures of their work in the archive, the newsletters and the RankArt pages on social networks in order to promote the work of our members. RankArt may also display the name, the picture of the winning work and links to the artist's website for communication purposes.

9. Intellectual property
The content, organization, graphics, design, and other materials related to the website contain copyrighted materials, trademarks, service marks, trade dress and other proprietary materials (collectively, the “Intellectual Property”), which are owned by RankArt and may be subject to authorization.
You do not acquire ownership or proprietary rights to any content, Intellectual Property, document or other materials viewed through the website. 

10. Legislation and language.
The relationship between RankArt and the members of the RankArt community is governed by these Rules and ONLY French law is applicable, and no other legislation. If the present Rules are to be translated into other languages, the original french version is the only reference.

Person responsible for publication: Arnaud Mangard

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